COVID-19 - The Time is NOW For Golf Courses To Prepare

Like most businesses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, golf clubs are trying to figure out how to maintain elements of their operation while still protecting the safety of their employees and members. However, for clubs that have recently struggled to attract patrons to their location, this is just another hurdle that must be overcome for longevity and survival.

At MacKellar Golf Management (MGM), we have been in discussions with courses globally to discuss how clubs can be proactive in their response, and establish a strategic marketing and business plans NOW that will ensure golfers return to their location once the pandemic subsides.

At MGM, we see the current situation as a "Glass half-full", and believe that now is the time for clubs and courses to invest in their digital infrastructure without delay. With the majority of the world's population focused more than ever toward online communication through necessity, it is crucial that clubs have a robust online marketing and communications platform in place to attract new patrons during this temporary shutdown. Importantly, MGM has completed the professional market research and clearly understand what golfers are looking for before joining a private club, daily fee club or resort.

Social media is a mainstay for younger generations, and at this point, older generations are now using online communication strategies to communicate with loved-ones near and afar. For golf course management teams, this is an ideal time to ramp up social media advertising that links to home websites. From discounts on rounds to membership drives, a whole new segment of online users is now available to clubs. Now more than ever is the time to ensure your online footprint is truly engaging, the stakes are high. Traditional, mundane and boring content will not do clubs any favors, and may in fact detract from the likelihood of patron engagement, hindering the club's primary objectives - sales, membership and increased rounds for 2020 and beyond.

At MGM, our dedicated marketing and operational teams have the experience, knowledge and expertise to take online patron experiences to the next level of satisfaction. Combined with our strategic course management processes, we are in a unique position to add value to your facility, even in these challenging times. Our integrated model will attract, retain and promote your facility at local, national and international levels, optimizing your club's ability for long-term growth and success. Our marketing services are underpinned by strong operational processes and stringent financial management procedures that are delivered in a personal manner by our leadership teams. We understand that each club and course is unique, offering a wealth of opportunities to attract loyal patrons through carefully managed and targeted campaigns.

MGM's professional resources and operational standards continue to attract a broad range of new guests who often become members due to their exceptional experience at our locations. There is little doubt that golf, like all industries will recover from this latest setback, with greener pastures anticipated - The most important factor is whether your club is in the best possible position to take advantage of the turn-around when it occurs?

Contact VP Operations, PGA Professional Rick Riddle today at for more information on our tailored club and course management solutions.

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