Benefits of a Boutique Management Firm

When considering different management firms, client organizations may be tempted to jump to one of the familiar, renowned consulting brands. That might seem like the simplest and best choice initially, however, boutique options typically yield better results for much less expense.

While the big management companies may appear like a known quantity and draw from a large pool of resources, niche consulting firms such as MacKellar Golf Management offer unique benefits. In the modern era of operations management, a majority of owners are moving to smaller consulting firms for their requirements.... and here is why:

What do boutique management firms offer?

MacKellar Golf Management is not focused on brand recognition as those advertising and marketing costs are usually passed onto clients. Instead, we focus on providing the best possible service for our clients, which in turn will provide positive recognition relative to performance standards.

Here are a few other benefits of our business model:

1. Focus & specialization: Our personnel are all hand-selected from specialty industries to provide specific services for our clients. Although MGM's scope of services parallel larger competitors, our performance model is delivered at a more strategic and personal level.

2. Pragmatism & implementation: The MGM team is built upon seasoned professionals that have developed deep functional and industry expertise. Our "expertise-based" team utilizes unique industry knowledge and deep competency to quickly gain traction on projects, to develop practical solutions and to provide strong implementation support.

3 . Flexibility: As an agile partner, MGM provides only those services required to meet our clients' specific needs. As a result, you can be assured that there are no ivory towers for our staff, and each of our professionals is available at any time to personally attend to your objectives.

Are we right for you...maybe, maybe not - and thats ok?

Clients will ultimately decide whether to work with a large management firm or a niche provider such as MacKellar Golf Management. Here are a few questions that should be answered in advance:

a. Is the higher price for brand reputation of a large consulting firm always justified?

b. Am I willing to pay for services and overheads that I wont ever use?

c. What are the opportunities to increase the risk-adjusted value of the engagement?

d. What disadvantages are associated with choosing a smaller management firm?

e. Am I willing to work collaboratively with the MGM team to build success?

There's not one right answer to these questions.

We recognize there are projects for which a larger management firm is the best solution: If the brand, its international footprint and broad expertise are crucial to your venue.  

However, in circumstances where clients seek to add value by partnering with experienced industry specialists and creative business professionals on a personal and engaging level.......then MacKellar Golf Management is the only solution!

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